Quanzhou Hengli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as the constant Leader ) located in southern Fujian Quanzhou , the existing two plants, the standard plant a total area of ​​25,000 square meters, more than 150 employees , professional and technical quality of the staff of 30 people. Hengli is specialized in producing engineering machinery caterpillar and forgings , production from a variety of models 101-228 pitches dry chain and oil chain assembly and forgings. Constant Leader 's vision is to become a world-class competitive chassis parts for construction machinery suppliers .

Hengli "focus on excellence " concept , and always adhere to professional equipment investment starting point , including the company's existing Russian TMP 3150 tons of hot forging automatic production lines , including three hot forging production lines , including Japan Mazak Horizontal machining centers, horizontal machining centers, including the United States Haas machining equipment , automatic wire mesh belt furnace heat treatment , heat treatment of rail automatic line , automatic production line for press-fit chains , track assembly and tighten lines, from forging , heat treatment , machining, to total into the assembly, has formed a complete set of advanced manufacturing technology capability , track link assembly with an annual capacity of 25,000 , track link forging an annual capacity of 2 million .

Henglida adhere to technical and management innovation, continuous improvement process technology level , improve the management level and market service capabilities. Has passed ISO 9001:2008 ( Quality ), ISO 14001:2004 ( Environment ), OHSAS 18001:1999 ( Occupational Health ) three system certification , the full implementation of ERP information management, the introduction of the bar code management, from raw material procurement to products product sales to monitor and manage the entire process , while including the establishment of specialized laboratory equipment, including CMM . Advanced production equipment, mature manufacturing experience , stable technology, efficient staff , the various stages of production from feeding to establish a set of sound detection system for quality control to provide a reliable guarantee.

Heng who Polygala , who were Hui Lee , who was relentless , we strive for excellence in product quality, and customer , employee benefit and focus on practice and exploration , Shizhibuyi for domestic and foreign customers with quality products and services.